XPG GRIT Giveaway! - December 2021

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This month's prize: 1 Mera or Xenia Figurine x6 (x3 + x3)

It's December and that means it's Christmas time. To celebrate the holiday festivities, this month's giveaway is a physical gift. We debated on whether or not we should do a bigger digital game prize, but we felt the ability to actually open a Christmas gift was more desirable and traditional. Whether you've been naughty or nice, XPG Santa will give you a chance to win this month's prize.

This month, six lucky winners will receive either a Mera or Xenia figurine. XPG's heroines love gaming and would make a great addition to the décor of any battle station. Leave a comment on this post about what your favorite game of 2021 was/is and why. We want to know what games from this year you really enjoyed and what about them was special. Only one entry per a user but feel free to discuss games with others in the comments.

6 random users from the comments section will be selected as our winners for this month. You will be awarded 1 figurine of Mera or Xenia for a total of 3 of each type of figurine.

*Please put either "Mera" or "Xenia" at the end of your post to let us know which of the two figurines you would like to win.

Also, remember that you can have your own posts published on the XPG GRIT blog. This would be a great topic for you to write an entire post about.

Xenia (Left)/Mera (Right)


Mera Winners

  1. Serj
  2. Ivan Alejandro
  3. Louis

Xenia Winners

  1. Hoshi
  2. Yi Siang
  3. David

*The December giveaway is now closed. All the winners have been contacted and will receive their prize asap. Thank you to everyone for participating. Happy holidays!


1. How do I win?

A: Create an account with a legitimate email and leave a comment on this blog post answering the following question: What was your favorite game of 2021 and why? 

2. How do I create an account?

A: Click the "Log in/Register" button at the top left corner of the XPG GRIT website and fill out the form. Wait for the account verification email before leaving your comment. 

3. What can I win?

A: For the month of December 2021, you can win one XPG figurine of either Mera or Xenia.

4. Who is eligible to win?

A: The giveaway is open to all participants worldwide. The only restriction is that you must be 18 or older or have a parent or legal guardian claim the prize for you if you are selected as a winner. Please note that you will be required to provide legal documentation to verify your age in order to claim the prize. 

5. Can I win more than one time?

A: Each account can only win one time in any specific giveaway but it is possible to win other giveaways after having already won a giveaway on XPG GRIT in the past.

6. What do I have to say in the comment in order to be eligible to win?

A: The comment must answer the following question in some way: What was your favorite game of 2021 and why?

7. Can spam comments win?

A: No. If a comment is determined to be spam or low effort such as "I just want to win the giveaway", it will not be eligible to win the giveaway.

8. How many people can win?

A: For the month of December 2021, 6 winners will be selected to win one XPG figurine. 3 Mera figurines and 3 Xenia figurines are available to win.

9. How do I know if I won?

A: There will be two different ways to verify that you have won. A reply comment from one of the XPG admins will be left tagging the winner on this blog post. An email will be sent to the email account associated with the winning commenter's profile, notifying the winner. After the winner has claimed their prize via email, the winner's name will be added to the list in this post.

10. What do I need to do after I've been declared a winner?

A: You need to reply to the winner notification email with the requested information within 48 hours of it being sent, in order to claim your prize.

11. What will happen if I don't reply to the winner notification email within 48 hours?

A: A new winner will be selected and your name will be replaced in the list of winners on this post.

12. When is the last day to enter this giveaway?

A: The final day to enter this giveaway and win one XPG figurine is December 23rd, 2021. The final winners will be announced on or before December 25th, 2021.

XPG Terrence

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Carlo Patrick ,06 Dec, 2021

Whoaaa, I like to have an XPG Xenia figure as part of my collection. I mean I would prefer both but the sword won me over ????


Definitely the knockout city. The game involves great graphics and bringing dodgeball to a whole new level

Nekki ,07 Dec, 2021

Hi Happy Holidays everyone! My favorite game for 2021 would be Deathloop yeahhh. Its got this new mechanics and play style that Ive been loving since september haha. I like the maps too, I hope there's more from where that came from.

I dig Xenia :S


Damien ,07 Dec, 2021

Awesome!!! Xenia is my girl, but Mera is cute too! Anyway, my favorite game of 2021 (thus far) would have to be Chorus by Deep Silver Fishlabs because it features smooth gameplay, silky graphics and pretty decent music. The story revolves around Nara and her sentient star fighter, Forsaken, as they embark on a journey of redemption to destroy the dark cult which Nara was once a part of.

Anjhellie Kim ,07 Dec, 2021

My favorite game of 2021 is Far Cry 6. I truly admire the design development of the game. It looked so realistic, and the storyline is very interesting.. This is the only action/adventure game that really enjoyed over the years of playing different games. ✨????


Juan ,07 Dec, 2021

I really loved Inscryption because all the puzzles, the art, the secrets and aestetics were wonderful, it's been a while since i enjoyed a game like this. I felt sad it was over.


Weny ,07 Dec, 2021

My fave game of the year was "It Takes Two". I usually don't play this kind of games, and this one really surprised me! Happy Holidays for everyone, hope XPG makes lots of giveaways next year! 

PAULO GILBERTO ,08 Dec, 2021

Call of duty Vanguard. The game returned to origin. I Hope that i could Win some gift. I bought an amazing PSU xpg Core 650w, Its incredible, now my RX 580 can run hard! Hug from Brazil ????????. 

Cemil ,08 Dec, 2021

For me It has to be Guardian's of the Galaxy game. I loved everything about the game from the story to the visuals, oh and the amazing party banter :3 

I would love to have Xenia for my niece, I am sure she would love it. She likes anything with pink hair.

Alexander Sam Cruz ,08 Dec, 2021

My favorite game for 2021 is Forza Horizon 4, I played it together with my son after his online school. Perfect bonding time for us. Especially this time of pandemic,and we were staying only at home. Thanks for this amazing event guys.❤️????

Serj ,08 Dec, 2021


Hi XPG, Far Cry 6 became my favorite game in 2021,
The developers worked hard,
in general the best one like the previous series) I want Mera ❤

Значок "Проверено сообществом"
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XPG Terrence ,20 Dec, 2021

@Serj CONGRATULATIONS! You are the first winner of the XPG December giveaway. You have won a Mera figurine. Please check the email associated with this comment to claim your prize.

mathias ,08 Dec, 2021


both are cute
the choice is difficult i liked forza horizon 5, tales of arise, the ascent and it takes two. i was going to say forza, but i think it takes two is a bit of an experience, a perfect game to play with your girlfriend and pretty fun too


LEE ,08 Dec, 2021

My favorite game for 2021 is Bright Memory: Infinite 

Love this game because it was made by a solo developer and not a big team and the game ticks all the boxes wat i like in a game :) 



Hoshi ,09 Dec, 2021

I ended up for ‘my favourite game of 2021’ is ‘Sausage Man’


Why? Because the game is for all ages it’s cute and appealing to the eye. Other reason I’m in favore of sausage man is because the game’s graphics and effects versus other Battle Royale games out there. Additionally the game is not consumable of device storage. The taptap or Sausage Man is generous of giving skins and surprises just like xpg. Yes sausage man isn’t perfect because of bugs, spf issue. But in this challenging time I find more friends/players and communicate with them. This game or like this giveaway give us all hope that there is still reason to live for or to smile.


Figure: Xenia

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XPG Terrence ,20 Dec, 2021

@Hoshi CONGRATULATIONS! You are the second winner of the XPG December giveaway. You have won a Xenia figurine. Please check the email associated with this comment to claim your prize.

MERRICK ,09 Dec, 2021

My favorite game for 2021 will still be Apex Legends. It may not be a new game as it is 2years plus old but i am still loving it. Logging into the game daily atleast 3 to 4hrs to do my daily quest and trying to up my ranking in games. 

Love to win the XPG figurine of Mera as her pose is so cute. 



Rom ,09 Dec, 2021

My favorite game of 2021 is Guardians of the Galaxy. I really love playing story-based action games with great graphics quality, plus I grew up watching MARVEL animations so its really great playing this game.

Hoping to win a Mera figurine for my XPG gaming arsenal. Many thanks XPG!

Maymadris ,09 Dec, 2021

Mi juego favorito de este año creo que está entre League of Legends y Minecraft

Ivan Alejandro ,09 Dec, 2021

I will love having Mera, I recently decided to go back to the video game, so I'm in a laptop not gaming or anything but I wanna build a ipx mini, anyway my game of this year is super mecha champion on steam, shooter robots, anime style, seasons, skins, and if you have friends with no high specs we all can play in low gráficas, Soo yeah! Mera looks amazing

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XPG Terrence ,20 Dec, 2021

@Ivan Alejandro CONGRATULATIONS! You are the third winner of the XPG December giveaway. You have won a Mera figurine. Please check the email associated with this comment to claim your prize.

Nanang ,09 Dec, 2021

My favorite game of 2021 is Assassin's Creed Valhalla because it's very attractive gami with best setting

Alex ,09 Dec, 2021

*Sorry for the previous message, it was accidental.

My favorite game of 2021 is definitely Inscryption. Inscryption has a delightful meta-twist on the digital card games that I have played before. Unlike many other games, Inscryption not only includes using cards to win but also has multiple puzzles that require logic to solve. Inscyrption’s deft handling of roguelike and strategy elements means that once you’ve hacked out a reliable approach, you can make progress very quickly. To top it all off, it's also a horror game, with a very foreboding atmosphere and unsettling mechanics, like sacrificing your own body parts in order to win the game. Overall, it is an extremely fun and creepy game and I would definitely recommend it.


Figurine: I would prefer Xenia but I'm okay with either one.

Ekrem ,09 Dec, 2021

My favorite game this year has been CrossFire. Because I loved the activities he did and the awards he gave. Congratulations on a game that always follows the agenda. love to XPG <3

Danilo ,09 Dec, 2021

My favorite game of 2021 is Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart. Been a fan of this game since psp days 'cause I feel like a child so strong that I can defeat anyone when playing this. Very nostalgic. - Xenia

Kwong Hui ,11 Dec, 2021

My favourite game in 2021 is Minecraft ⛏! I just start it this year and it is fun and legendary. ????

I see there are many great games released in this year, I look forwards there are more great games published in the next year. 

The Mera & Xenia figurine are so cute! I never have a figurine collection before. I hope I could get one of those as my Christmas gift.

I prefer Xenia !


N1ghtmare ,12 Dec, 2021

Hey, Happy Holidays! My favorite game is League of Legends, I know it has a controversial community but  the reason I like this game is because I made a very special group of friends in this game and I enjoy all moments with them. I like playing alone but together we are unstoppable!!

Emre ,13 Dec, 2021

Although it is a very old game that does not spoil its quality, it is the only game that I fell in love with;  silkroad online.  I advise.  If you ask why this is, I grew up with this game..


old but gold silkroad


Brian ,13 Dec, 2021

My favorite game of 2021 is Kena: Bridge of Spirit. I love puzzle and platforming from N Plus to Crash Bandicoot, and so Kena hits the right spot. And it's very surprising that a small team made this beautiful game. 
I would love to win Xenia, if ever. Her long violet hair and sword entices me. :D

David ,14 Dec, 2021

Favourite Game of 2021: Mass Effect Trilogy (Legendary)

There was a few games that came in mind but it's just have to be Mass Effect as it brings back some great memories. Although it's remastered over the original trilogy. It's one of my favourite franchise of all time. Extremely underrated in my opinion.

Why? : Everything within the game was amazing. Granted it's just a remaster hence the graphics and the gameplay are just slightly improved over a 10 y/o games.

Most of you that just started with the first game (ME1) might struggle to enjoy at first, because its originally a game from 2007. However everything else would still make up for it. From stories, choices, characters, companions and gameplay. If you really enjoy single player games for the stories and into Sci-Fi genre. Should definitely give this a go.

Mera would it my 1st choice. Wouldn't mind Xenia either :)

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XPG Terrence ,20 Dec, 2021

@David CONGRATULATIONS! You are the sixth winner of the XPG December giveaway. You have won a Xenia figurine. Please check the email associated with this comment to claim your prize.

Kyle ,14 Dec, 2021

My favorite and most played game this year would have to be Forza Horizon 5. The scenery is amazing and the amount of cars to choose from is almost overwhelming but definitely love all the choices and cant wait to see what else they add.

Wilfredo ,14 Dec, 2021

Favorite game is NBA 2k series because im a huge basketball fan

Уваров ,14 Dec, 2021


Любимая игра - War Thunder режим реализм.

Я был бы очень рад получить такой замечательный трофей в виде фигурки Mera (✿^‿^)





Визард Бессмертый ,14 Dec, 2021

Небольшой фанат XPG, мне больше всего понравилась фигурка "Mera". Есть хороший комлект, но без клавиатуры.

Mera топ!

Любимая игра Minecraft, нравиться своей разнообразностью выбора в постройках и выживании с другими игроками.


JayR ,14 Dec, 2021

Thank you for this opportunity, GRIT-XPG. I'd like to share you one of my favorite games for 2021 and that is CROSSFIRE! It's a MMOFPS that launched way back 2009 and still kickin' to this day. It's been a rollercoaster of experiences I had with this game because it offers lots of enjoyable game modes not only PVP and Ranked PVP matches like the Zombie / Infection Mode, Zombie Apocalypse Mode (AI mode wherein players will challenge a selected map by clearing waves of monsters and defeating the boss for a sweet reward), Horror Hide and Seek and Wave Mode (a MOBA-type game mode). I mainly play the Zombie Apocalypse Mode since I'm not really into competitive matches but also I wanted to grind and earn some rare and exclusive weapons as reward for clearing the highest difficulty. When I get bored for grinding on the same mode or map, I switch on playing Horror Hide and Seek which is a game mode based from Dead by Daylight with double the number of players to make it more fun or when there's an available room for Wave Mode which is a MOBA-type game for the next-level, thrilling experience of PVP match.

If you're living on the country with a running server of the game, you should try it too! Check out the Fandom Wiki of Crossfire to learn more and watch some videos on Youtube particularly on game modes and some features!

I choose Xenia if ever I won due to her amazing design. As an artist myself, I really like her. (Of course Mera's design is great too.)

Ian Harvey ,14 Dec, 2021

What was your favorite game of 2021 and why?

My favorite game this year will be Devil May Cry 5, I love the new look for Nero, Dante, Virgil and I love their character developments and I am very fascinated by the reunion of the Sparda Brothers I learned that Nero is the son of Virgil I love their family.

Ronald ,14 Dec, 2021

DotA is my favorite I love this because many of friends play this also

Yi Siang ,15 Dec, 2021

My favorite game of 2021 is Punishing: Gray Raven. A mobile hack & slash + gacha game which is also highly supported in emulators (Even the devs recommend which emulators to use). Demands and rewards the skilled and those who make an effort to learn the game & bosses mechanics. Simple to pick up and hard to master. F2P friendly with just doing dailies and weeklies will give you enough to get newly released 5*/SSR unit which comes out every 2 months instead of 3 months (CN servers are 3 months but Global is on the fast track) and the events cover up the shortage of premium currency.

Also, there is a roadmap that was given to us which really keeps us hyped and looking forward, the game is already a success in CN server and Global is following suit. Gacha rates are also nicer and less greedy looking as compared to others. There are also no 50/50% nonsense, newly released units are 100% guaranteed on pity/5*pull. 

Lastly, the devs communicate with the community. I can't stress enough that communicating with the community with the right tone, attitude, no PR nonsense, and being more transparent with their audience. Tho there were some difficulties in the earlier phase but it was quickly corrected and those issues were not repeated. Now that's some quality improvements. Most of the feedback given via their feedback forms were already addressed by the devs and we the community were given an answer and the reasons behind some unchangeable features/delays are also addressed in a very clear cut and with the right tone. 

I feel that in 2021 and going forward, as long as it is NOT a single-player campaign game that came out in perfect condition, we all got to take note of the after-sales care. Not just the quality of the game itself, the care & updates to the game after its launch are also very important and it really keeps the game alive and enables us to continue enjoying the game. 

So many other games that I wished it is my favorite game of 2021 such as Forza Horizon 5 (Connections issues, price differences), Back4Blood (Poor devs responses, bugs, blaming community for unnecessary nerfs), It takes two (No fault in this game but I need a friend to play with), Genshin (Too many reasons but I'm still playing - Heh) 

Thanks for reading till here, just one more thing before I end off. Xenia-chan please :D

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XPG Terrence ,20 Dec, 2021

@Yi Siang CONGRATULATIONS! You are the fourth winner of the XPG December giveaway. You have won a Xenia figurine. Please check the email associated with this comment to claim your prize.

Louis ,15 Dec, 2021

My favourite game of 2021 is the long awaited Psychonauts 2. Exceeded my expectations with an epic story and varied gameplay. A lot of care and attention to detail went into this game. Thanks Double Fine for making an incredible sequel.

Both figures look awesome... I think Mera has just nudged to first choice.

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XPG Terrence ,20 Dec, 2021

@Louis CONGRATULATIONS! You are the fifth winner of the XPG December giveaway. You have won a Mera figurine. Please check the email associated with this comment to claim your prize.

Игорь ,15 Dec, 2021

Любимая игра на 2021 год это Dota2.

Играю уже давно и еще не надоело))) 

Из фигурок хотел бы получить Ксению

Александр ,15 Dec, 2021

Приветствую!! Поздравляю всех с Рождеством!!

Из игр больше всего в этом году понравилась Kena: Bridge of Spirits - приятная графига, иньересный геймплей, трогательная история! Всем рекомендую.

А из фигурок больше нравится Xenia.

Samidannat ,16 Dec, 2021

 My favorite game of 2021 is Forza Horizon 5, I love cars and racing games that are open-world, also the realistic graphics, it look samazing.

Honestly I like both figurines, I'd be happy with either one, but if I have to choose I'll go for Xenia, if I win and only Mera is left, I'd like that also.

Miguel Alejandro ,20 Dec, 2021

Mi juego favorito de este año 2021 fue nier replicant ya que soy un fanático de la saga nier.

Da una nueva perspectiva a la saga que no habíamos visto.

Me gustaría ganar a mera porfavor

Dmitriy ,22 Dec, 2021

Всем привет с наступющими праздниками! Моей любимой игрой на 2021 год была 

Resident Evil Village

Максим ,22 Dec, 2021

Привет XPG по моему мнению лучшая игра 2021 это Resident Evil: Village потому что они венулись к Resident Evil 4 и взяли ее за основу 8 части и это было правельным решенем так как мне кажется она была лучшей из 7 честей очень интерестный сюжет меняющиеся локации игра просто огонь я ее раз 10 проходил было очень интерестно и она не наедала и сейчас они вернулись к этому шедевру и это очень приятно . ходят слухи что они ремейк зделают 4 части былобы очень классно вернуться в мир и проти его еще раз 10

Yevgeniy ,22 Dec, 2021

My favorite game of 2021 is War Thunder

I think Xenia has just nudged to first choice.

Abdellatif FERKA ZAZOU ,22 Dec, 2021

Mu favorite game of 2021 is FORZA HORIZON 5 i like cars racing and there graphiques are amazing.

I liked the charachters of Mera and Xienathey look amazing.


Prima ,23 Dec, 2021

My favorite game for 2021 is  FORZA HORIZON 5, because i love genre racing, I still remember the first time I played the NFS series with my friends, explor maps, drag races, etc., it was really fun, the modi vinyl car design is also a feature that I like. i love xenia wish i could take it home :) wish me luck! 

Euis ,23 Dec, 2021

the figure is very cute <3 the graphics and gameplay are very interesting, being nominated for a game award is amazing 


子萱 ,28 Dec, 2021

Merry Christmas XPPPPPGGGG