Ferrari F1 Mod by PC Crazy

There are PC builders and then there are PC building artists. Anyone can build a PC. That's what's makes PC DIY great. It's not as hard or as risky as everyone is led to believe. And before the mining boom sucked up all the GPUs, it wasn't as expensive as people pretended it is either. Sadly, that's no longer true. While anyone can build a PC worth using, few can build a PC worth putting on display. One such artist is PC Crazy of Croatia.

PC Crazy is an established modder with years of experience and several thousand followers. He's done projects with many different brands and had his work shared and displayed at venues all over the world. His latest project is the Ferrari F1.

PC Crazy teamed up with XPG to create mod that displayed his passion for F1 racing. He wanted to create something elegant and impressive, just like the Ferrari F1 car from this year's racing circuit. As big fans of modding and sports, we were happy to help PC Crazy bring his vision to life.


You can check out more of PC Crazy's mods on his social media channels.

XPG Terrence

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João ,29 Dec, 2021

I really wish I could be able to afford one but on a second thought a Ferrari is a gas guzzler, so... :P

Abdellatif ,30 Dec, 2021

It looks amazing