XPG GRIT Leaderboard Competition!

STATUS UPDATE: This Competition is Over. You can see the complete list of winners below.


I know what you're thinking. "What happened to the XPG GRIT monthly giveaway for March?" Sorry for the delay, but we were cooking up something different for the new year and it took a bit more time than we expected. This month is not a simple giveaway. It's a competition!

Have you downloaded and tried the XPG GRIT Esports Training Software yet? No? Well if you want to win this month, then you're gonna have to. But this is a competition. You don't just have to play. You have to win . . .

It is our pleasure to formally announce the XPG GRIT Spring 2022 leaderboard competition. This will be an epic 8 week competition with multiple rounds and prizes. Read on for more details.


XPG GRIT Esports Training Software currently has 4 training rooms:

  1. Precision Aiming
  2. Tracking
  3. Hide and Seek
  4. Running Shot

This competition with consist of 2 phases across 4 rounds. Each round will take place in a different training room, in the order above. Rounds will last 2 weeks each.

The top scoring player in the leaderboard of that round will win a prize. But the top 10 scores from the leaderboard will get the chance to compete in the 4th and final round for an even better prize. Players who do not qualify for the final round will still be able to play in round 4 for a lesser prize. We will update the standings at the end of each round, on this page.

You can download the software free of charge here or just click the SOFTWARE tab from the menu in the top right corner of the page.



Round 1: Precision Aiming

Dates: 3/13 - 3/27

Entry Rules: Open to All Players

Prize: XPG PRIMER Gaming Mouse

Round 2: Tracking

Dates: 3/28 - 4/10

Entry Rules: Open to All Players

Prize: XPG MAGE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Round 3: Hide and Seek

Dates: 4/11 - 4/24

Entry Rules: Open to All Players

Prize: XPG PRECOG Gaming Headset


Round 4: Running Shot

Dates: 4/25 - 5/8

Section 1

Entry Rules: Top 10 Players from Each Previous Round


Section 2

Entry Rules: Open to All Players

Prize: XPG BATTLEGROUND XL Gaming Mousepad


Qualifying players will be updated at the end of each round.

Round 1 Winners:

  1. Jerome
  2. Altin
  3. Bar
  4. Zabari
  5. Porati
  6. Shanty
  7. YAP
  8. kyoto48763
  9. dombosfr667
  10. Essence

Round 2 Winners:

  1. paladinsucks33
  2. RonaldJohn
  3. Jerald
  5. dickeldorf
  6. Ranger341
  7. maymadris
  8. Reezy
  9. Mauri
  10. Hsu

Round 3 Winners:

  1. paladinsucks33
  2. Bardi
  3. Branker
  4. omarkashash
  5. KevinKKChu
  6. Duc
  7. ssyy357159
  8. Sora.GNS
  9. HydeSTG
  10. kurtsun7
  11. Battlerigs (Added because paladinsucks33 won this round but also placed in a previous round)

Final Round:

  1. Grand Prize Winner: Bardi
  2. Open Prize Winner: N/A

Thanks to all the participants for competing.

XPG Terrence

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Damien ,17 Mar, 2022

Awesome! I can finally try winning that PRECOG headset! My new Primer is on the way, so I'll join in once I have it.

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Branker ,26 Apr, 2022

Looks like I came in third for round three, do the winners still get precog headsets? :D
Also, the Grit software isn't currently logging in, stuck in a spinning loop. I checked my settings on the XPG Grit webpage, but how exactly do you reset your password?

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XPG Terrence ,03 May, 2022

To reset your password you can go to this website and use the email associated with your Grit account. Just press the "Forgot Password" button.
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Branker ,09 May, 2022

Much thanks!


Rom ,17 Mar, 2022

Thanks again for another exciting competition and good luck fellow XPG gamers!

Kwong Hui ,19 Mar, 2022

This competition is awesome, but I not confident I will be listed on winner lists.

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XPG Terrence ,21 Mar, 2022

You can do it if you really try!

Shoaib ,22 Mar, 2022

For some reason it keeps teling me that the email i entered is invalid even though I have an XPG account with that same email!!

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XPG Terrence ,24 Mar, 2022

Hi Shoaib, If you're still having problems, email and they'll get your account straitened out right away. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Shanty ,22 Mar, 2022


Porati ,24 Mar, 2022


Porati ,24 Mar, 2022

Good Luck Everyone! <3


Tunahan ,29 Mar, 2022


Tunahan ,29 Apr, 2022


Rom ,30 Mar, 2022

Cant wait for the winners to be announced. Good luck to all Round 2 participants!

RonaldJohn ,12 Apr, 2022

We can only win once? coz somebody's cheating lol

RonaldJohn ,12 Apr, 2022

I hope players in round 1 to round 3, can only win one time to fair for other players playing fair. :) 

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XPG Terrence ,18 Apr, 2022

Each player can only qualify for round 4 once. But the same player can win the top prize in round 1, 2, or 3.

Shanty ,13 Apr, 2022

As Ronald said : <He's Just using macro like Most of the top people in round 2 did, i confess so any reaction time less than of 600 is of like inhuman lol and true he is using an alt.
Also the accuracy explains a lot like hits 113 targets and has 11% accuracy :)

Bardi ,14 Apr, 2022

Anyone else having a problem with the leaderboards? I cant seem to see the scores in the leaderboards as well as submit scores. (EDIT: I can see the leaderboards now, idk if it was a bug or an internet problem lol)

Bardi ,14 Apr, 2022

Does any score count in the Hide and Seek Competition? or only from the scores from Long + Stationary + single scores count? 

The top scores in the leaderboard are mostly Short + Mobile + Multiple, I don't know which mods to choose when setting a score for the competition, I have the record of 2700 points in hide and seek Long + Stationary + Single it was top 1 earlier until people started using short + Mobile + Single mods ????.

Also I think there is a bug where the leaderboards doesn't sometimes how up, it keeps happening to me everytime and sometimes my score would disappear too.

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XPG Terrence ,18 Apr, 2022

Any score in the specific training room counts. You can set whatever settings you want for that room that you think work best for you.

Bardi ,15 Apr, 2022

Having problems with the leaderboards again :(


Tunahan ,15 Apr, 2022

Why is the leaderboard so bad, and why is there still nothing done for cheats????

Bardi ,16 Apr, 2022

leaderboard is still broken, its been 2 days now... Is the competition still ongoing or was it canceled???

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XPG Terrence ,18 Apr, 2022

Leaderboard glitch occurred during the weekend. We are working to fix it now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Alex ,19 Apr, 2022

Lol I literally don't know what place I am on the leaderboards so I don't even know if I should keep trying to better my score or not. Kinda frustrating but I hope they can fix it soon!!

Bardi ,20 Apr, 2022

When is the leaderboard glitch going to be fixed? the competition is almost over and I didn't even see what place am I on the leaderboards :/

Bardi ,20 Apr, 2022

The leaderboards are finally fixed, I hope they do something about those cheaters too. 

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Mcblasto ,22 Apr, 2022


Bardi ,21 Apr, 2022

The game wont load, stuck at Loading data for almost 30 minutes now... I already tried reinstalling the game, I am still having this issue..

Bardi ,22 Apr, 2022

Game still wont load...

Bardi ,23 Apr, 2022

Finally fixed the problem with the game not loading with the help of it had something to do with logging in to your account. If you encounter a similar problem, just reinstalling the game wont do, you will need to reset your password in order for the game to log out of your account and re-login into the game again. I found out that reinstalling the game does not logout your account from XPG Grit, you will need to reset your password to fix this problem.

Bardi ,25 Apr, 2022

They should actually do something about cheaters, those macro users are actually winning stuff, not even gonna compete for phase 2 because its pointless

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Divina ,24 Apr, 2022

How do you know they were cheating? And whats with this macro thing?

Bardi ,24 Apr, 2022

an example of a macro is an autoclicker, cheaters basically make a single click into a double click in 0ms which makes it easier to score but with low accuracy, but also with inhumane reaction times. You can see in the tracking leaderboards what I mean by this, also you can see that paladinsucks33 has very sus stats and scores lol. 

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Divina ,25 Apr, 2022

Yes I know what a macro is but I dont know how they use it to their advantage for games like fps games until you said it. All I know is it is more used in MOBA games like DotA 2, Invoker for example.

Thank you for your explanation!

Bardi ,25 Apr, 2022

winning at phase 2 is simply impossible without the use of macros, if others are using it too, its pointless to participate in that event. In phase 1 round 3,  however, I think accuracy matters the most, but using macros still give a little advantage and I still somehow outscored the macrouser lol.

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Mcblasto ,25 Apr, 2022

Hey Bardi, Paladins here.

I just wanted to say that I was NOT using a macro or any kind of 3rd party assistance for the Hide and Seek challenge. The reason my accuracy is worse compared to your (sus?) 100% accuracy, is because I was overcompensating by spamming shots at tight groups, as well as at times I feel like I may have missed a shot initially. Doing this challenge you have to be snappy and accurate, and losing precious time on near misses are painful. Especially since the big laser beam blocks shots and you have to shoot above/below it.

I hope you can understand that I had just as fair of a fight as you did. I consider you my rival and I heavily respect the amount of effort you put into this competition. As for the final round; if you want the grand prize, go for it. I won't be competing at all. I bet you would be able to score that #1 spot easily.

Good luck friend.

Bardi ,25 Apr, 2022

Yo Paladins sorry for doubting your skills, I really thought you were using macro because of your scores in the previous round. Huge respect to you too man, IDK how you could spam that fast, that's just incredible. I accept defeat in this round, I won't be competing for this round anymore, but will probably do in the next. I am currently busy with our thesis defense this week :), anyways  GGs man bro.

Again, I am sorry for doubting you, and Enjoy your prize!

P.S, the big lazers are really stessfull especially when aiming for good accuracy lol

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Mcblasto ,25 Apr, 2022

Yeah the tracking challenge was a whole LOT of spamming. It took a couple tries to get good RNG. My finger hurt a lot after that LOL.

On the bright side, you must be really good at hitting flicks due to how much training hide-and-seek required. Go and play some CS:GO or something!!

I am definitely rooting for you in the final round, go and get those fancy sticks of DDR5 Ram. You deserve it.


Bardi ,25 Apr, 2022

Thank you man, will definetly try out playing CSGO or Valorant after this, I actually felt like I improved using this training software in the past week lol.


Damien ,26 Apr, 2022


Bardi ,09 May, 2022

Is the competition over? its already May 9, 2022 (GMT+8) I still don't see any announcement about the winners.


Shanty ,09 May, 2022

Why the winner wasnt picked for open prize?

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XPG Terrence ,10 May, 2022

The open prize was meant for if a non qualifying player won the whole thing. The top 5 players were all qualifiers so there was literally no open prize winner. That is to say, none of the non qualifying players played well enough to win the prize. We originally said it would only be awarded to a first place non qualifying player but would have awarded it if someone landed in the top 3. But sadly even that did not happen.

Kwong Hui ,10 Jun, 2022

I really hope I could be able to join this competition, but I don't have  a good mouse and decent laptop to meet the requirements.