XPG GRIT Giveaway! (February 2022)

. . . I know what you're thinking. "What happened to the XPG GRIT monthly giveaway for January?" Sorry for the delay, but we were cooking up something different for the new year and it's taking a bit more time than we expected. But this month we're back with an awesome new giveaway.

Remember that you can always find the current giveaway's post pinned near the top of the "Fun & Games" category of the blog. We will also include the names of the winners in the post as an easy way to see if you won. So make sure you check back often for updates.


This month's prize: 1 Avier PREMIUM G+ True 8K HDMI High Resolution Audio and Video Transmission Line (2M) x5

It's a new year and that means tons of new games on the horizon. You've gotten new parts or consoles for Christmas and you're still trying to optimize performance to get the highest quality gaming experience possible. To celebrate this lead up into a new season of great releases, this month our prize is focused on something that often gets overlooked: cables.

The good people at Avier were gracious enough to sponsor this month's giveaway with 5 true 8K HDMI (2M) cables. It's not enough just to get the right parts. You need the right connections between those parts as well to get the best possible gaming experience.

Avier's PREMIUM G+ True 8K HDMI High Resolution Audio and Video Transmission Line is a great way to usher in a whole new year of games with high resolution capabilities. As games push the limits of 4K and even start to climb towards 8K, you need the right cables to make those graphics cards, if you can actually get one, deliver the performance your expensive high resolution monitors are capable of. So these top shelf HDMI cables seemed like the perfect candidate for this month's XPG GRIT giveaway.

Leave a comment on this post telling us which game you are most looking forward to releasing this year. Tell us which game it is and why you're excited about it. It can be any game for any platform. It can be any gameplay genre. It just has to be a game currently scheduled to release in 2022. Only one entry per a user but feel free to discuss games with others in the comments. In fact, we encourage it. And remember that you can include pictures in your comments so feel free to share a screenshot with your comment.

5 random users from the comments section will be selected as our winners for this month. You will be awarded one PREMIUM G+ True 8K HDMI High Resolution Audio and Video Transmission Line (2M) courtesy of Avier.


  1. Aaqif
  2. Juan Manuel
  3. Mighty
  4. Alandion
  5. Mary

Special thanks to Avier for sponsoring this month's giveaway. For more high quality tech lifestyle products and accessories, check out their website and online store.

*The giveaway is now closed. All the winners have been contacted and will receive their prize asap. Thank you to everyone for participating.


1. How do I win?

A: Create an account with a legitimate email and leave a comment on this blog post about which game you're most excited about playing this year using the name and email associated with that account. 

2. How do I create an account?

A: Click the "Log in/Register" button at the top left corner of the XPG GRIT website and fill out the form. Wait for the account verification email before leaving your comment. 

3. What can I win?

A: For the month of February 2022, you can win one PREMIUM G+ True 8K HDMI High Resolution Audio and Video Transmission Line (2M) sponsored by Avier.

4. Who is eligible to win?

A: The giveaway is open to all participants worldwide. The only restriction is that you must be 18 or older or have a parent or legal guardian claim the prize for you if you are selected as a winner. 

5. Can I win more than one time?

A: Each account can only win one time in any given month but it is possible to win giveaways in future months after having already won a giveaway in a past month.

6. What do I have to say in the comment in order to be eligible to win?

A: The comment must answer the following question in some form: What game releasing in 2022 are you most excited about and why?

7. Can spam comments win?

A: No. If a comment is determined to be spam or low effort such as "I just want to win the giveaway", it will not be eligible to win the giveaway.

8. How many people can win?

A: For the month of February 2022, 5 winners will be selected to win one PREMIUM G+ True 8K HDMI High Resolution Audio and Video Transmission Line (2M) sponsored by Avier.

9. How do I know if I won?

A: There will be two different ways to verify that you have won. A reply comment from one of the XPG admins will be left tagging the winners on this blog post. An email will be sent to the email account associated with the winning commenter's profile, notifying the winner. After the winner has claimed their prize via email, the winner's name will be added to the list in this post.

10. What do I need to do after I've been declared a  winner?

A: You need to reply to the winner notification email with the requested information within 48 hours of it being sent, in order to claim your prize.

11. What will happen if I don't reply to the winner notification email within 48 hours?

A: A new winner will be selected and your name will be replaced in the list of winners on this post.

12. When is the last day to enter this giveaway?

A: The final day to enter the February giveaway and win one PREMIUM G+ True 8K HDMI High Resolution Audio and Video Transmission Line (2M) sponsored by Avier. is February 26th, 2022. The final winners for the month of February will be announced on or before February 28th, 2022.

XPG Terrence

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Nekki ,07 Feb, 2022

As for me, Im excited to play Stray, I love the attention to details in the game, and being set in a cyberpunk world esp as a cat all the more makes it appeal to me. I also like how its an interactive and mystery adventure style game. Im super super super hyped i can't wait for it to be released on Steam!

Abdellatif ,08 Feb, 2022

Those the games that i'm looking for:

Horizon: Forbidden West, Elden Ring.

Grand Theft Auto 5 (Xbox Series X|S), Destiny 2: The Witch Queen


Nero ,08 Feb, 2022

I'm excited to play Elden Ring this year.


Selim ,09 Feb, 2022

 I just got the Red Dead Redemption 2 game. I enjoyed watching the videos, I hope it will be fun to play.


Juan Manuel ,09 Feb, 2022

I'm really exited to play Elden Ring, i've seen the trailers, gameplays and even tested the game on the limited trial but i'm super curiouse about what to expect in this amazin game From Software is about to release, also i want to know how the writter of  Game of Thrones (George R. R.) influenced the lore of the game.

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XPG Terrence ,18 Feb, 2022

@Juan Manuel CONGRATULATIONS! You are the second winner of the XPG February giveaway. Please check the email associated with this comment to claim your prize.
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Arevalos ,19 Feb, 2022

OMG thank you a lot!

NanangS ,09 Feb, 2022

I'm really excited to wait for next Final Fantasy

nagmin ,09 Feb, 2022

I'm looking forward to the ELDEN RING :)


Irsan ,09 Feb, 2022

I'm excited about Horizon Forbidden West after I played the prequel one long ago, Horizon Zero Dawn. Can't wait to play for the new features, such as swim even dive in underwater with discover the true nature in there and beautiful after saw the trailer. The game bring the nice environment and I like the theme mixing about machine and tribes. Hope the combat more aggressive. Yes... excited as same as Aloy see in the pic :)

Pic: Horizon Zero Dawn (photo mode)

DIAB ,09 Feb, 2022

cyberpunk 2077, far cry6


Weny ,09 Feb, 2022

Oh boy, I just sign to Game Pass and I don't even know where to start! So many great games. This year I want to play some RPG (it's been awhile) I'm excited for Tales of Arise, tho it released last year. I'm also in hopes for Persona 5 to be released on PC! For 2022 realease I'm looking for Horizon and new Hellblade. 

Christian ,09 Feb, 2022

Lord of the Rings, because I loved the movies :)

Hoshi ,09 Feb, 2022

Good Day,


Wow so excited about the return of blog post giveaway. Since this seems delay can’t say late, just in time for a valentine giveaway. The game I really looking forward is Yugioh and Pokemon arceus but is already been released this month (tho I wasn’t able to buy it, I’m waiting for perfect time). However I’m looking forward to Starfield this November. I will be playing it on to my laptop with my XPG Mage Keyboard. Because I’m so astonished with the storyline and I’m kinda liking an outer-space(y), galactic theme fx: star wars, star trek, star craft and so on and so forth.


This will be my next ‘role-playing’ genre game after ‘half life’. As can see Bethesda Game Studios the game developer which will be license owned by EA. That means the graphic is promising, the story and the scenery. But it would be great guys if you create an RPG game theme for XPG you know mera, goddess prime, goddess xenia are so cool whoever reading this watch the xpg saga (link: ) I’m very interested to play it if ever, sound interesting? I promise you.


Thanks for this Avier's PREMIUM G+ True 8K HDMI High Resolution Audio and Video Transmission Line Giveaway the Blog has return! XPG looking forward to have a youtube vlog post it’s very accessible also :))







dragonema ,09 Feb, 2022

I'm very excited about Elden Ring, I hope it will keep me entertained until God of War Ragnarok comes out latter this year.

Semyon ,10 Feb, 2022

I'm really looking forward to Lego Star Wars, Total War Warhammer 3, maybe Stalker.  Lego are the games from my childhood in general, and I'm a big fan of total war games


Juan Jose ,10 Feb, 2022

I look forward to the release of A Plague Tale: Requiem, the 1st game was very good and I look forward to more of this new game


Costel ,10 Feb, 2022

Starfield is the game i'm waiting most this year.Why .... Because they say there will be " Bloody wars, violent space pirates, and galactic mysteries",ADVENTURE in conclusion and i'm a sucker for space advetures .

Samidannat ,10 Feb, 2022

God of War Ragnarök looks promising !

Alex Jiang ,10 Feb, 2022

The game that I'm most excited about this year is Bendy and the Ink Machine: the Dark Revival. Its unique puzzles and collectibles encourage exploration and advance the story to keep the player interested. It's an in-the-middle horror game, but BATIM: The Dark Revival utilizes two opposite genres that complement each other to create a solid title. The use of cartoon characters in a horror atmosphere fuses the feeling of our childhood, with the terrifying aspect of darkness. As players, we will most likely learn sad truths behind the animation team that led to the spiraling downfall of innocent people. BATIM will definitely be on my wishlist.

Bendy and the Dark Revival” - Coming Soon - YouTube


Rom Divina ,10 Feb, 2022

Cant wait for the release of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order sequel before the end of the year to fight another set of stronger inquisitors and travel the galaxy along with my favorite gaming companion, BD-1. Hope it would take longer time to beat the game than the first one and im expecting another epic story.

Thank you XPG for another gaming activity and more POWER!

Mohamed Farouk ,10 Feb, 2022

This year, I'm so excited to play God Of War on PC using XPG S20G product that I bought. Already bought the game and will start playing this weekend. Gaming has never been smoother. Thanks AData. Thanks XPG. Thanks Avier.

Janne-Eemeli ,10 Feb, 2022

I'm most excited to play Dying Light 2. Been watching youtube and twitch videos about the game. So hyped. I will get the game next week!!!

Surya ,10 Feb, 2022

Cant wait to play God of War Ragnarok. 

Euis ,10 Feb, 2022

Ghostwire Tokyo is Im most looking forward to play!

Sebastijan ,10 Feb, 2022

I can't wait to play Dying Light 2 co-op with my brother. We had such a blast playing the first one that I can't wait for more parkour zombie-slaying action!

Other games on my list are Monster Hunter: Rise and Borderlands 3. I just love co-op games. :3

Rayan ,10 Feb, 2022

Dyon light 2. it takes more than 20 hours to complete. Including its free roam combat and parkour. (I think i  commented twice, couldnt find my first comment).

Alandion ,10 Feb, 2022

Im looking forward to playing dying light 2. Im excited to see how the story is! And parkour!

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XPG Terrence ,25 Feb, 2022

@Alandion CONGRATULATIONS! You are the fourth winner of the XPG February giveaway. Please check the email associated with this comment to claim your prize.

MERRICK ,11 Feb, 2022

I am a Final Fantasy Games Series Fan since young. So the game i am most looking forward to releasing this year 2022 is Final Fantasy XVI (16) on playstation.

Hopefully there is more infor on the release date soon and it is not delayed again. 


Greg ,11 Feb, 2022

interested in playing Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League .. gameplay looks fun from the trailer

Aaqif ,11 Feb, 2022

"It's a new year and that means tons of new games on the horizon" How did you call it already, I'm waiting for "Horizon Forbidden West" as I played the old one and I loved it and waiting for the new one for over 2 years, I'm finally happy that it's coming this year, most probably it will be postponed sooooo

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XPG Terrence ,11 Feb, 2022

@Aaqif CONGRATULATIONS! You are the first winner of the XPG February giveaway. Please check the email associated with this comment to claim your prize.

Hali ,11 Feb, 2022

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2    (>.<)


Prima ,11 Feb, 2022

Which game coming out this year that you’re most looking forward?

Ken ,12 Feb, 2022

I'm most excited for Elden Ring releasing in 2022! I always liked the difficulty and realism Form Software games brings. Can't wait for their next game!

Ody ,12 Feb, 2022

I am excited for Elden ring, I so love open world  RPGs, huge fan of skyrim, I am totally ready to be immersed in this new world!


Joanna Marie ,12 Feb, 2022

I am looking forward for the game Elden Ring

Vincent ,12 Feb, 2022

I'm super excited to play through Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League with my girlfriend!  We are always looking for fun co-op games to play together and we both love comics!

Ivan Alejandro ,12 Feb, 2022

Well I dont even have a 8k TV, but i have a ps4 and im saving for my ffvii game so with this cable I will cry for aerith once more jejeje

Bhernard Bhe ,12 Feb, 2022

I am excited for Company of Heroes 3. I love war games and for me this is one of the best title for this genre. 

Jeffrey ,12 Feb, 2022

the forbidden west of horizon zero dawn is the perfect game for this awesome hdmi connector!

Kwong Hui ,13 Feb, 2022

It's difficult for me to choose, since there are so many games are scheduled to be released in 2022. If required me to choose only one, I will say

Elden Ring!

The another masterpiece from From Software Studio. I'm fascinated in soul like games once I play them, not the difficulty and realism of the game, but also the legends and myths fabled in the games. Although the tales are not real, but it do teach us something. The greatness is about how strong and powerful you are, is matter you persist to cope the risky challenges and deadly enemies, and dare sacrifice yourself to save the others.

At last, thank you Adata, XPG, and Avier for the monthly giveaway!

Mike ,13 Feb, 2022


As a big fan of Dark Souls series I'm waiting for Elder Ring


Mary ,13 Feb, 2022

I'm waiting S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 I believe it would be amazing game.

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XPG Terrence ,01 Mar, 2022

@Mary CONGRATULATIONS! You are the fifth winner of the XPG February giveaway. Please check the email associated with this comment to claim your prize.

Wilfredo ,13 Feb, 2022

looking forward for SIFU game


Tobias ,13 Feb, 2022

- What game releasing in 2022 are you most excited about and why?

There's a lot of games I'm excited about - but the one I'm most excited about is just around the corner; and that is Horizon Forbidden West!
I loved the original game a lot; so much that I went the extra mile to "Platinum" it on my PlayStation (however, I didn't do the New Game+, as I'm not that much of a fan of that concept ????). It has such an amazing elaborate story, with some great characters (I cried a little when Rost died) and relatively simple yet fun gameplay mechanics ????
So I'm really excited to get back into the world of Horizon and continue Aloy's journey into the Forbidden West! So far from trailers and blog posts, it looks to be a nicely upgraded experience compared to the first game ????
Exactly just how excited do you ask? So excited that I even went ahead and pre-ordered the Regalla Collector's Edition of the game, as "soon'ish" as it was possible ????
On a side-note; The only HDMI 2.1 cable that I have is the one that came with my PS5 - all other cables are either 1.4 or 2.0. It would be nice to have another cable for when I expand my setup ????


Tobias ,13 Feb, 2022

Oops, looks like I can't use emojis - that's what all those "????" in the text above are ^^ 

Valentin ,13 Feb, 2022

Lost Ark it is for me.


Mikhail ,13 Feb, 2022

Waiting for many cool games like Elder Ring and Horizon Forbidden West, but mostly I'm waiting for Aliens and Prometheus dark style game 'Scorn'.



Mighty ,14 Feb, 2022

Very excited about sequel of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild wich my favorite game on Nintendo Switch. Hope new game will have same amazing graphics and storyline. Game scheduled to 2022 I believe.

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XPG Terrence ,18 Feb, 2022

@Mighty CONGRATULATIONS! You are the third winner of the XPG February giveaway. Please check the email associated with this comment to claim your prize.
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Mike ,18 Feb, 2022

Woohoo! Thank you! I sent you an email.

Alexander Cruz ,14 Feb, 2022

Im really excited for the release of NBA 2k23. Big fan of 2k games since 2000's ❤️???? 

David ,14 Feb, 2022

The game I most expecr this year is Hruzon Forbiden West because I had good rime with the previous one.

Matt Jason ,14 Feb, 2022

As a cat person and big cyberpunk fan I'm waiting for game Stray. Beautiful game about adventures of brave cat in dystopian world. ????



Mark Kenneth ,14 Feb, 2022

The Elden Ring, a new action role-playing video game is something I'm looking forward to.

Mkp3z ,15 Feb, 2022

This year, I'm really looking forward to playing Elden Ring.

Vlad ,15 Feb, 2022

I'm most looking for Sonic Frontiers. Love that blue hedgehog.

rigil kent granada ,15 Feb, 2022

Game excited about this coming 2022 is God of war: Ragnarok. Its been 4 years now and its still give me an immersive experience playing GOW now im hipe up to continue the story. What will loki and kratos do now.

Kim ,15 Feb, 2022

Looking forward to the release of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen and battling Savathûn. Wish I have Avier AAL Cello-3 True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones when I play it.

Brian ,16 Feb, 2022

I'm stoked to play Elden Ring this year.  Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to all.

Cristina ,16 Feb, 2022

Looking forward for the God Of War Ragnarok

Niko ,17 Feb, 2022


Niko ,17 Feb, 2022

I'm Super excited to play my 2 favorite games HZD Forbidden West and God of War Ragnarok!  

Matthew ,18 Feb, 2022

I am mostly anticipating Starfield if it comes out on schedule near the end of the year. Despite all their flaws, I do love the exploration and atmosphere of the Bethesda games.

Jason ,19 Feb, 2022

Elden Ring


DONUTS64 ,19 Feb, 2022

I am so excited to play Breath of the Wild 2 this year. I loved playing the first game and it will be really amazing to see what the sequel has in store for us!

Ismail ,20 Feb, 2022

I'm looking forward for "Gran Turismo 7", as I played the predecessors to this and cant wait to continue my childhood fantasy.


Ahmed ,20 Feb, 2022

I think starfield any space game with cinematic like graphics and space exploration is worth waiting for ????❤️


Yussef ,21 Feb, 2022

i am very excited to play God Of War Ragnarok, cus i played COW4 on my gaming PC, and it's so impressive how the relationship between father and son
and i need to tell you some thing i have XPG 8200 pro SSD m.2 and
Ram D10 guys your product is so powerfull 
thank you and i hope to win one of this amazing HDMI Cable

Ibrahim ,21 Feb, 2022

I'm waiting for dying light 2, I love survival games so much.

Alex ,22 Feb, 2022

NfS Hot Pursuit Remastered - I know that many players are unhappy with this re-release, but it's nice to remember the old days. 


Edward ,24 Feb, 2022

I'm looking forward to Elden Ring the most because the Dark Souls games and all the other FromSoftware games related to it are my favorite games of all time. I'm looking forward to the new open world and new environments to explore and enjoy with my friends in cooperative play.

Ahmed ,24 Feb, 2022

Hi ,can i win please ?????

Hugo ,24 Feb, 2022

I'm really excited to play Elden Ring for multiple reasons. I love the previous souls game to death (preferably over and over). I still remember when I played the first one and just went all over the map, exploring every nook and cranny and constantly having grand feelings of awe when faced with the masterful world building, how the different areas were to perfectly fitter together and just the vertical scale of it all as well.

Now that Elden Ring is an open world game I just think I have even more exploring to look forward to. It's time to die... 

Iurie ,25 Feb, 2022

I am more excited about the Pokemon Legends: Arceus which transforms the monsters into the star, moving from the focus from beating other trainers in gyms to the 'gotta catch 'em all' part of the tried-and-tested Pokemon paradigm. As you play more the world of Hisui, you'll end up with a story and a NPCs will pop up with their own requests, rather than just wanting to bash in the faces of your Pokemon team for clout. The game doesn’t gave the best visuals, but has a rich narrative and you have lots to explore in the game Pokemon Legends: Arceus, it’s really the ultimate Pokemon fan experience. 


Ian ,25 Feb, 2022

Hoping for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl will released early this year and it would be perfect with this premium 8K cable from Avier. 



João ,25 Feb, 2022

Definitely, Horizon: Forbidden West.

Can't wait to put my hands on it!

cheung ,26 Feb, 2022

Hogwarts Legacy: I'm a big Harry Potter fan and it looks fun, much better than a movie.

Asterios ,26 Feb, 2022

I am really excited to play Dying Light 2 Stay Human, I am a big fan of  survival games, and zombies are a nice addition to it, I still didn't have the chance to get it on my hands, but I will get soon and hope I find the time to play! Also, thanks for the giveaway guys, very kind of you giving gear to gamers, cheers ????

Abdellatif ,26 Feb, 2022

Red dead redemption 2 it's my favorite game it's so amazing and the developers did an amazing work.


Yussef ,28 Feb, 2022

i am waiting the final winner i hope to be me...

Omar ,01 Mar, 2022

I want to win plzz