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I’ve been gaming for a long time. My first console was a ColecoVision. My dad got it for me when I was a kid all the way back in 1983. My favorite game was Donkey Kong Jr. I was pretty terrible at it at first, but with hours of practice I finally managed to save daddy Donkey Kong from the evil Jumpman. Since then, I’ve never lost my love for video games.

People often talk about how games have gotten easier over time, but I don’t really agree with that opinion. Back in the day, games weren’t hard so much as they were unfair. A lot of games were junk. Intentionally designed to be impossible to beat in order to stop people from renting games. I remember playing games like Battletoads and eventually just giving up and quitting. I don’t consider that kind of design hard. I consider it predatory. A good game is challenging but fair. I think most games today are better because they’re still challenging, but usually fair. Even games like Dark Souls. They’re definitely hard, but I wouldn’t call any of them unfair. They don’t have like a 1% completion rate. Most people can reach the end of a FromSoftware game if they just apply themselves.

While I think most games today are fair, I definitely understand what it’s like to struggle with a game that just seems impossible. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was that kind of game. Honestly, it’s my least favorite FromSoftware game. I eventually beat it but a lot of the bosses just seemed unfairly difficult given the tools the game actually gives you. It took me literally two straight days of suffering before I finally managed to beat Isshin, the Sword Saint. That boss almost broke me. I literally screamed and fell to my knees when I finally managed to beat him. And I totally believe that a lot of players just simply won’t ever be able to beat that boss. I don’t like games like that. I’m all for a challenge, but spending $60 on a game that can’t be beaten isn’t my idea of fun; and it’s certainly not what I would call good design.

I remember when that PC Gamer article about modding Sekiro to beat it came out and everyone got salty. Even I disagreed with that guy. But then I finally played the game myself, and now I totally agree with his opinion. I may not have played the game with mods, but I can’t blame someone for doing so with that particular game. Unlike other FromSoftware games, that one just doesn’t offer you enough tools to succeed. Some of the boss fights are impossibly hard without the benefit of alternate weapons, summoning, magic, and even level grinding. There was no way to make the game easier without resorting to some form of “cheating”. That’s why so many people use cheeses to get through that game. And yes I include myself among that “so many people”. The only other solution to make the game easier would have been to mod myself. I wish GAMER BOOST had been available when I was playing that.

Recently, I got to try a new product called XPG GAMER BOOST. I was skeptical at first when I heard about it. XPG claimed that if you take just 2 capsules you’ll instantly be better at gaming for a limited period of time. Honestly, that just sounds ridiculous. The idea that a simple red pill could magically make me better at video games sounds like something out of a bad sci-fi movie. It’s like if Limitless was real. Sure, that sounds cool, but it’s also make believe. Or at least that’s what I thought before I actually got to try it myself.

When I first received my bottle of GAMER BOOST, I was even more skeptical than when I first heard about it. I’m no scientist and I certainly don’t pay that close of attention to what ingredients are in the food and medicine I take, but some of these ingredients just sound fake. I mean what the hell is “Kill Dominance Root”? “Ratio Power Grease” sounds like a joke ingredient. The initials are literally R.P.G. I wasn’t even going to take it, but then I started seeing other people post about using it online and that they were getting great results. So I just had to try it for myself.

It sounds like something a hack writer would put in a shovelware cyberpunk game, but I have to admit that GAMER BOOST actually works. And it doesn’t just kind of work. It’s not a placebo effect thing. I tried it out with multiple games and got successful results every time. I only just started Elden Ring and hadn’t gotten very far. I was stuck on Margit, like literally everyone else, and had been for days. So I decided to give GAMER BOOST a try just for the hell of it. On The Greater Will, Margit went down on the very first try. You could say I got lucky. I also had spent two days practicing, but it’s a fact that I couldn’t beat Margit and then did right after taking GAMER BOOST.

I couldn’t believe that just taking 2 of these capsules really made that much of a difference so quickly. The tagline for the product is literally “Two Capsules to Victory” but that just sounded like cheesy marketing and overpromising. Yet it’s true. I even tried it with other games. And not just action games. I played Tetris Effect and finally managed to beat the full Journey Mode on expert difficulty all the way through with no deaths. Then I tried Rider’s Republic and for the first time ever got first place in a mass race. I even managed to win a round of Pac-Man 99 on my Nintendo Switch. I’ve never gotten better than 2nd place before!

Now maybe this really is all just placebo effect. Maybe taking GAMER BOOST gave me a bit of extra confidence and then that helped me beat Margit. And then the high of having done that gave me even more confidence and led me to go beat these other game challenges I was stuck on. But it’s not like I did this all back to back. This was over the course of multiple days across several different gaming sessions. As directed on the bottle, I took two capsules with each gaming session. So I guess it’s possible that this was just the longest adrenaline streak of all time coupled with a great boost of confidence, but my experience tells me otherwise. From my point of view, it just has to be the GAMER BOOST.

I want to be perfectly clear. I’m not a noob. I do play a lot of video games and have been for literal decades. So I’m not trying to say that this product took me from having absolutely no chance in hell of beating these games all the way to victory. But what I am saying is that, at least in my personal experience, XPG GAMER BOOST pushed my skills up higher than they normally are so that I could overcome gaming challenges that I was already close to doing but never fully able to accomplish. And that’s what the product promises.

If you read the product page on XPG’s site, it literally says “With GAMER BOOST, you can push your performance to the next level and then to the level after that . . . Don’t just be a good version of yourself. Be the best version of yourself.” And that’s exactly what it did. It didn’t make me impossibly better. It made me the best version of the gamer I already was. I’m sure I would have eventually beaten Margit on my own, but GAMER BOOST made me get there faster. And I didn’t even have to mod the game. Which is good, since I’m playing Elden Ring on PS5. If you get the chance, I definitely recommend giving XPG GAMER BOOST a try. I can’t believe it’s true, but it actually works. By taking just 2 capsules, you’ll be the best gamer you’ve ever been. Action games, RPGs, strategy sims, puzzle games. I tried every genre I actually play regularly and showed instant improvement in all of them. My word probably doesn’t account for much. I’m not a famous streamer or Twitter celebrity, but I am a serious gamer and I say that XPG GAMER BOOST works. Thanks XPG!

XPG Terrence

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Alexander Cruz ,20 Jun, 2022

Is this available in the Philippines? 

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XPG Terrence ,28 Jun, 2022

Sadly, not currently.