XPG Defender Pro Review from PCMag UK

PCMag UK is a team of hardware enthusiasts based in the UK, obviously. They create tons of helpful PC user related content. They do both hardware and software reviews as well as helpful tutorials for literally every type of PC related tech problem you can imagine. They even have tutorials for how to print documents from Apple tablets. They make reviews that are easy to read, clear cut, and fair.

Recently PCMag UK put our XPG Defender Pro to the test and published a full review. If you like to read case reviews that aren’t too complicated, then this is the perfect read for you. You can read the full review here.

“Naturally, with so much room, this makes fitting in a standard ATX or even an E-ATX board quite easy. For cable management, you don’t get a single big channel to direct cables through, but instead a number of holes set around the motherboard tray. Some of these are sheathed with rubber to help hide cables behind the motherboard tray from view, giving your system interior a cleaner, more finished look.”

XPG Terrence

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Arif Atma Mahendra ,07 Sep, 2021

continued success XPG may be the best brand greetings from Indonesia Instagram: arif_atmaa

Arif Atma Mahendra ,07 Sep, 2021

ini sangat kerennn sekalii teruskan XPG

Gio Roca ,12 Sep, 2021

I prefer the black version of the XPG Defender Pro!

Nurzana ,18 Sep, 2021

I hope XPG makes a mini itx version in the future

Ashwani kumar ,25 Sep, 2021

ADATA’s XPG Defender Pro is a good-looking case that emphasizes airflow, but a few quirky design issues take it down a notch. Plus.. Otherwise a amazing case