Nobody like rules. We get that. The internet is riddled with power hungry moderators, insane levels of censorship, and too many people actively trying to silence people for having a different opinion. That being said, some rules are necessary. This is a community where everyone is welcome. That means everyone should be able to feel welcome. So please respect this hopefully not too long list of expectations for how people should behave within this space.

1. Respect Your Fellow Gamers

Obviously some opinions are more correct than others and often the only way to convey that point is with heated language. We understand and will allow such flavorful discussion to a point. But please remember that we all love video games here, and as members of “the most oppressed race” we have a responsibility to treat each other with a minimum level of respect and civility.

2. Put Some Effort into Your Insults

No hate speech or slurs against protected groups of any kind will be tolerated. If you have to insult a person’s race, religion, nationality, gender, or sexuality, then your argument is bad and your insults lack creativity. Try harder, you lazy noob.

3. No Weeb Crap

Anime related content and avatars are fine. This is a gaming community and conversations should focus on gaming for the most part, but as gamers we are not a hive mind and have a cornucopia of other interests like movies, art, and food. That’s all fine. What’s not fine is posting links or images of NSFW content. No porn, hentai, or other content that the few gamers with real jobs would get in trouble for opening at work. Oppai anime characters will be allowed when done in a tasteful manner.

4. No Canned Ham

Spam belongs in a can or on a plate. Not in the comments section! Do not post spam or troll comments. No copypasta to multiple threads. No trash ad links or places to invest in Dogecoin. Take that trash to Facebook where it belongs.

5. No Corsair Related Activities (Not the brand you dunce!)

A corsair is a pirate. Don’t believe us? Go look it up in the dictionary. Corsairs participate in illegal activities such as piracy, theft, cons, and a host of other crimes. Unlike the British crown in the latter half of the 16th century, we don’t tolerate that here. Any illegal content or content encouraging others to commit illegal acts will be immediately removed and/or reported to the authorities and participants in such activities may be banned from the community permanently.

6. Don’t Get Us (Or Yourself) Sued

Copyrights are annoying and often hard to deal with, but they exist and we legally have to adhere to them. Please do not post copyrighted videos, pictures, blog posts, or other content that is not yours or protected under fair use copyright laws. Also plagiarism is weak sauce, so don’t do that anyway.

7. Do NOT Go Nuclear

TMI doesn’t stand for Three Mile Island. It stands for Too Much Information. Don’t do that here. Do not post personal information of yourself or anyone else that shouldn’t be public. This is a safe community, but the internet is a dangerous place. Respect people’s privacy.

8. In this one Instance, Snitching is OK

Grit Community admins and moderators do monitor posts and comments, but we only have so many eyes. We’re still trying to recruit Sauron, but his demands are ridiculous. If you see someone breaking any of these rules, please let us know. You can email us directly with a link and screenshot at Please make sure to use Grit Community Rules Violation as the email subject line or your email will be deleted as canned ham.

9. Own Your Mistakes

The views and opinions expressed in Grit community comments, profiles, videos, and blog posts do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of XPG or its partners. Please remember that any comments or content you share on this site are your sole responsibility.

10. Be Excellent to Each Other

XPG Terrence

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Arif Atma Mahendra ,07 Sep, 2021

So fun ! continued success XPG may be the best brand greetings from Indonesia Instagram: arif_atmaa

Gio Roca ,12 Sep, 2021

I understand the rules and will abide to all of it.

Iulia Garaz ,16 Sep, 2021

i don't agree with rule 6. its not the forum responsibility to check whatever the published content has some plagiarism. its the responsibility of the poster. and i think that people can use any data if indicating the sources. in EU GDPR allows to do that

Rom Divina ,17 Sep, 2021

I'll do my best practicing the rules and guidelines as this would be a great opportunity for me to develop myself. Thanks again XPG for this great chance to be a part of this growing community!

taufik ,18 Sep, 2021

Point 3 : Share artwork for wallpaper desktop its okay? By the way Adata XPG have chanel discord, i want to join
logo logo

XPG Terrence ,22 Sep, 2021

@taufik In reference to point 3, as long as the content is safe for work it's OK to share.

Vitalie Solomon ,18 Sep, 2021

why there is no option to create articles here? I also want to write articles about my opinions and write the reviews of the XPG's products. I want to be more constructive in this website and interact with people that hare the same passion with me.
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XPG Terrence ,22 Sep, 2021

@Vitalie Solomon your wish has been granted.

Ashwani kumar ,22 Sep, 2021

Yeah u said right nobody likes rules but in this social and gaming community we need to maintain some decency and dignity Increasing my interest in XPG Grit day by day..