XPG Cybercore Platinum Review by Tom's Hardware

Tom's Hardware is one of the most highly respected PSU review sources in the world. Their attention to detail and thorough testing methodology set them apart from many other media in the power supply rating space.

Recently, Tom's Hardware got their hands on an XPG Cybercore Platinum 1000W unit. We're proud to say that it was awarded their coveted Editor's Choice Award. If you're interested in learning more about what sets this impressive unit apart from other power supplies, you can read the full review here.

"It features extra high build quality and uses one of the best fans we have seen in a PSU so far. Moreover, it has compact dimensions and loads of connectors . . ."

XPG Terrence

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Tasmiyan ,01 Jun, 2022


Gio ,01 Jun, 2022

I need this

Samarjeet ,07 Jun, 2022

This PSU is love.

The 100% Japanese capacitors are super reliable and one can game without any stress about the quality of power. PSU is one of the main parts of the computer which is often overlooked by the users while PC building or slelcting components for their PC.

It has 80 PLUS PLATINUM Efficiency and fully modular design that helps in a tidy cable management.


Rom ,08 Jun, 2022

Love that it is backed by a 10-year warranty but id love too see a full modular version that features a 12+4pin connector. Would also have to consider its local price and compare to other psu in its price range. Thanks again XPG for the great effort to please your supporters and more years of innovations to come!

Alexander ,20 Jun, 2022

80+ platinum certified with 100% Japanese capacitor, wow just wow. No doubt this PSU gets the Editor's choice award from Tom's Hardware. If i ever got the budget I would definitely get this beast. Besides of the awesome 10 years warranty,I knew the performance and quality of this PSU would be more than enough to power my RIG.