Ask Mera Anything - Episode 3 Social Media Giveaway

Hey Gamers,

It's me, Mera! I've taken over the XPG GRIT blog this week to tell you that the latest episode of my XPG talk show just recently went live. You can check it out on YouTube. I've even embedded the video here for you to make it easier to watch.

In this episode, I announced a special new line of collaborative products between XPG and yours truly. It's called Mera Edition Gear. It's a whole line of products that have been designed with my style in mind. I hope you like them. You can learn more about Mera Edition Gear on the official product page.

The other thing I want to announce is the Ask Mera Anything social media giveaway. To celebrate the release of episode 3, XPG is currently running giveaways on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. On each platform, you have the chance to win XPG products. The giveaways all end later this week, so enter now before you miss out.

Well, that's all I wanted to say. I hope you're as excited about Mera Edition Gear as I am. Thanks for reading. And remember, GAME TO THE XTREME.

-Mera XOXO

XPG Terrence

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Damien ,16 Nov, 2022

Sweet! Finally, a chance to win that new Precog S headset! It's the only thing I'm missing!


nick ,20 Nov, 2022

I wish there was an IEM too


Juan ,23 Nov, 2022

they look amazing!!!

Mohsin ,27 Nov, 2022

Cool and classy