XPG Gammix S70 2TB SSD Review by PC Gamer

In 2021, PC Gamer really shouldn't need an introduction. If you don't know who they are, can you really call yourself a PC gamer at this point?

Not too long ago, PC Gamer got their hands on the XPG Gammix S70 2TB NVMe SSD. They scored this SSD with an 88. The full review is definitely worth a read. You can check it out here.

XPG Terrence

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Nethma Thisum ,06 Sep, 2021

Yess all I need is speed♥️

Rom ,07 Sep, 2021

Time to search the difference between S70 Blade and non-Blade

RICHMOND ,07 Sep, 2021

2TB and fastest speed 11/10!

Arif Atma Mahendra ,07 Sep, 2021

continued success XPG may be the best brand greetings from Indonesia Instagram: arif_atmaa

Arif Atma Mahendra ,07 Sep, 2021

Ini sangat cocok sekali untuk para gamer , harus saya coba !

Gustavo ,07 Sep, 2021

Cool XPG Gammix for fast games in pc gamer

Gustavo ,07 Sep, 2021

Beatiful XPG SSD

Gio Roca ,12 Sep, 2021

I love it when they think not only about the performance & aesthetic but also the cooling of their device! I like the design of the terraced structure and hollow chambers to allow the increase of airflow and reduce the heat of up to 30%. Good job!

Halimah ,18 Sep, 2021

xpg planning to make m2 ssd with fan cooling or water cooling in future?? because I still haven't found it in competitor for now.

Iulia Garaz ,26 Sep, 2021

the XPG Gammix S70 2TB SSD is an excellent hard drive, it has: Genuinely Impressive Performance, PS5 Compatibility, Inclusive Heatsink is high quality AND expertly applied, Excellent on-board Temp Control, Innogrit Controller which is Unique vs others