Introducing XPG 1337GPT

Today, XPG would like to announce a brand knew software service meant to help gamers in the current politically charged and verbally strict landscape. In recent years, it seems that so many gaming communities and chat platforms have become much more strict about the language people are allowed to use on them. The problem is that gamers have not been given the tools, support, or time to learn how to change the way they have learned to communicate within these communities.

The ability to express oneself in a way that is natural and authentic is a privilege in a world where certain forms of expression that were once acceptable are suddenly banned. It should come as no surprise that many gamers have struggled with these ever changing standards of communication within the communities that they often joined in their formative years. While XPG can't hope to solve the problem of censorship and punitive damages, we can help gamers solve their newfound communication problems. To this end, we would like to introduce you to XPG 1337GPT (pronounced leet-G-P-T).

1337GPT is an AI driven add-on that connects directly with your favorite text-based communication platforms. When you type a message, the add-on reads it, translates it into language is considered inoffensive, and then sends it in place of the message you originally wrote. Most importantly, it preserves the original intent of your message even while changing the language used. In this way, gamers can still communicate with the same language they're used to using without having to worry about posting language that might be deemed offensive and getting banned for their favorite games and communities.

At XPG, we don't believe that people should be condemned for communicating in a a way that makes them feel comfortable. To that end, we hope this tool can help gamers continue to participate in their favorite communities without the added stress of trying to be yourself while not offending others. That's why the tagline for 1337GPT is "Think like a gamer, chat like a person." Just because they don't want you to be yourself doesn't mean that you should have to change.

XPG 1337GPT is currently in beta, but you can try it out now. Just visit the official product page from the description in the YouTube video.

In addition, to celebrate the public announcement of 1337GPT, XPG is currently holding a giveaway. Follow the steps on out Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook platforms for your chance to win an official XPG 1337 hoodie.

XPG Terrence

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