XPG GRIT Monthly Giveaway! - September 2021

Friends, gamers, PC builders, lend me your ears. I have news of giveaways and amazing prizes.

A happy community is a healthy community and what gamers love more than anything is great games. But since XPG doesn't make games (yet) the best we can do is offer you ways to better enjoy great games made by the companies that do make them. To that end, every month XPG GRIT will hold a giveaway event for different prizes.

Each month we will host a different giveaway with new prizes and ways to enter/win. Each month's giveaway post will always be pinned near the top of the "Fun & Games" category of the blog. We will also include the names of the winners in the post as an easy way to see if you won. So make sure you check back often for updates.


This month's prize: XPG PRECOG ANALOG Gaming Headset

To celebrate the launch of XPG GRIT, this month's giveaway is all about engaging with the content. GRIT is meant to be a place for interaction and discussion between gamers, and the simplest, oldest interaction in the history of online communities is commenting. That's why all you have to do for a chance to win this month's prize is leave a comment on any blog post. New posts are added to the blog every week. Any time you leave a comment on a post, you have a chance to win. It doesn't matter which post you comment on. It can be an old one or a newly published one. Every comment is a chance to win.


  2. Kim
  4. João Mateus
  5. Nethma Thisum
  6. Edward Tavares
  7. thetsky
  8. Robert
  9. Pedro Cabrita
  10. Euis
  11. Joel
  12. Asterios
  13. Kwong Hui Kee
  14. Vitalie Solomon
  15. Carissa
  16. Carlo Patrick Tan
  17. Abdellatif FERKA ZAZOU
  18. Samidannat Andriuța
  19. Paolo Castelli
  20. Hrithik kashyap

*The September giveaway is now closed. All the winners have been contacted and will receive their prize ASAP. Thank you to everyone for participating. The October giveaway will soon be underway so make sure to watch the blog.


1. How do I win?

A: Create an account with a legitimate email and leave a comment on any blog post, using the name and email associated with that account. 

2. How do I create an account?

A: Click the "Log in/Register" button at the top left corner of the XPG GRIT website and fill out the form. Wait for the account verification email before leaving your comment. 

3. What can I win?

A: For the month of September 2021, you can win one XPG PRECOG ANALOG gaming headset. 

4. Who is eligible to win?

A: The giveaway is open to participants worldwide. The only restriction is that you must be 18 or older or have a parent or legal guardian claim the prize for you if you are selected as a winner. 

5. Can I win more than one time?

A: Each account can only win one time in any given month but it is possible to win giveaways in future months after having already won a giveaway in a past month.

6. What do I have to say in the comment in order to be eligible to win?

A: Any comment can win regardless of the content of the comment or the blog post it is left on. Winners are chosen randomly. The content of the comment is not the determining factor to choose winners. The only rule is that the comment must be relevant to the post it is commented on.

7. Can spam comments win?

A: No. If a comment is determined to be spam or low effort such as "I just want to win the giveaway", it will not be eligible to win the giveaway. Comments should always be about the post they are left on.

8. How many people can win?

A: For the month of September 2021, 20 winners will be selected to win an XPG PRECOG ANALOG gaming headset. 

9. How do I know if I won?

A: There will be two different ways to verify that you have won. A reply comment from one of the XPG admins will be left tagging the winner on the original blog post the entry comment was left on. An email will be sent to the email account associated with the commenter's profile, notifying the winner. After the winner has claimed their prize via email, the winner's name will be added to the list in this post.

10. What do I need to do after I've been declared a  winner?

A: You need to reply to the winner notification email with the requested information within 48 hours of it being sent, in order to claim your prize.

11. What will happen if I don't reply to the winner notification email within 48 hours?

A: A new winner will be selected and your name will be replaced in the list of winners on this post.

12. When is the last day to enter this giveaway?

A: The final day to enter the September giveaway and win an XPG PRECOG ANALOG is September 29th, 2021. The final winners for the month of September will be announced on September 30th, 2021.

XPG Terrence

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Edward Tavares ,14 Sep, 2021

That is a pretty sweet headset. Everything on it looks quality. Love the red stitching, the cup design, and even the little logo inside the cup. All nice touches.

Iulia Garaz ,14 Sep, 2021

this headset is very cool. has a modern design and from the reviews in the internet it seems to be also very comfortable and provide sound quality like the more expensive headset. XPG, well done, would like to have them and write a review

Kwong Hui ,14 Sep, 2021

Can't deny this is an unique gaming headset that with two drivers (dynamic & electrostatic drivers) and having really nice travel case as well as full set of cables for the players. Really looking forward to be the one of the winners.

James Mendoza ,14 Sep, 2021

Thank you for giving back to the community XPG! really hoping I will have a chance to win this great product of yours. wishing everyone a best of luck!

Weny Cappellesso de Lima ,14 Sep, 2021

This headset looks fantastic, I would love to win!

Naresh Kumar ,15 Sep, 2021

The XPG gears are all really sleek and killer ... They are one of the best... I definitely think this headset is also one of the best available... Hoping to win

thetsky ,15 Sep, 2021

Thanks for XPG GRIT, it is refreshing to be here. Good read!

Hrithik kashyap ,15 Sep, 2021

The concept of a GRIT sounds really cool and amazing..and the way xpg intreacting with there customers and gamers really appreciated

Jarwin Claveria ,16 Sep, 2021

Great products by XPG!

Kareem Mostafa ,17 Sep, 2021

I just bought the Invader case and its so beautiful And the ram as well are very good Thanks xpg

Rom Divina ,17 Sep, 2021

At first, I thought GRIT was a "Gaming App".
logo logo

XPG Terrence ,22 Sep, 2021

@Rom Divina In way it kind of is but also kind of isn't. Look out for more updates in the future.

RICHMOND ,18 Sep, 2021

First gaming headset to feature dual dynamic electrostatic drivers. Thank you XPG! More great products and power to the company.

Gio Roca ,18 Sep, 2021

We are almost half-way of the winners and I'm really hoping to be one of the 20 lucky winners for the XPG PRECOG ANALOG gaming headset! Good luck :)

Vandana tikku ,20 Sep, 2021

GRIT is a new thing for me, i like the idea, soon I will join..

Bruno atala ,20 Sep, 2021

Days ago I bought one of this head sets, they are beautiful, now I want one of the so I can gift them to my brother ????

Juan Rodriguez Reyes ,21 Sep, 2021

Hola, soy de Mexico, y me gustaria ganar estos headsets y poder disfrutar de su magnifico sonido, tengo unos muy baratos y me caeria muy bien ganarlo XPG PRECOG ANALOG. #XPGGrit

Iurie Solomon ,21 Sep, 2021

The XPG Precog gaming headset is a great addition to the headset world. It has everything a gamer or audio enthusiast could possibly want and looks good doing it. The sound quality is astonishing.

Ashwani kumar ,21 Sep, 2021

XPG GRIT Monthly Giveaway is really amazing and can't believe this month XPG PRECOG ANALOG Gaming Headset is the monthly excitement on its peak

Abdellatif FERKA ZAZOU ,24 Sep, 2021

This headset look amazing.

Carlo Patrick Tan ,24 Sep, 2021

I tried this headset in the XPG booth during ESGS and I am very satisfied with how crisp the sound is. I want to try to pair it with the SOLOX F30 AMP. excited to add this to my XPG family

Gio Roca ,25 Sep, 2021

There are still 7 more winners that have not yet been pick, Hope that I'm one of the last 7 winners!

Fabian Coria ,25 Sep, 2021

Neat giveaway but some times I feel like GRIT is still lacking articles and not being able to engage in the videos kind sucks. Site needs more work I believe.

Gio Roca ,28 Sep, 2021

5 more to go! I'm really hoping!

Anjhellie Kim Naguit Patricio ,30 Sep, 2021

Thank you XPG Global for giving us exceptional products! Kudos to your team ????✨

FERKA ZAZOU Abdellatif ,02 Oct, 2021

@XPG Terrence why can't see my name in the list i respanded to the email that send to me.
logo logo

XPG Terrence ,04 Oct, 2021

Because the staff goes home on the weekend and didn't see your email until today. It's updated now.

Gio Roca ,02 Oct, 2021

only the number 17 is available. Hope that is my name!

Abdellatif FERKA ZAZOU ,02 Oct, 2021

I got the number 17 and i respond to the email but still wait there activate

Juan Manuel Arevalos Gonzalez ,26 Oct, 2021

Wow i hope i´ve seen it earlier, i´ts a really nice set.

Damien ,08 Mar, 2022

Please bring back a giveaway with the PRECOG Analog Headset! It's the only item missing from my XPG arsenal!