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Grit may be managed by XPG, but it’s your community. That’s why we want you to be a more active part of it. Are you a writer with an interest in gaming? Or a gamer that has something to say in written form? You can definitely post your thoughts to Reddit or Facebook, but why not instead get your content published on your favorite gaming community platform? XPG is now accepting community generated written content submissions for the XPG GRIT blog.

Getting your written content published on XPG GRIT is easy. There are no follower prerequisites or elitist hoops to jump through. You just need passion, relevant content, and to follow a few simple, but important, rules/guidelines.


Currently XPG GRIT’s blog section features 3 categories: Fun & Games, Tips & Tricks, and Gear. Your article must be appropriate and relevant to post to one of these three categories. Any content that does not make sense to publish within one of these sections cannot be published on XPG GRIT at this time.

In the future, we plan to add additional categories but for now these are the only subject types we are currently accepting community submissions for.

Fun & Games

This section is about current topics in gaming. Just about any type of content is acceptable from news updates to opinion pieces on specific announcements or current games. Even discussion articles about patches are acceptable. But games discussed must be at least somewhat relevant to readers today. So CSGO, yes. Battleborn, no . . .

Submissions can be about any current game, big or small, from any country, in any genre. News posts can be about any country, studio, or company. We want content that is relevant to this community but this community is not limited to any specific country, culture, or group.

Tips & Tricks

This section is about helping players improve their gaming experiences. The content can be specific to a particular game or more general. It can be focused on in-game pointers or external tips like changing hardware settings or even lifestyle advice and product recommendations to help improve your performance. The point is that all posts in this section should focus on player improvement.

Submissions can be about any current game or product from any country. Articles cannot be plugs for specific products with site links for purchasing or discount offers. Submissions should clearly define the intended benefits of implementing the tips and specify the games said tips are relevant to.


This section is about informing people about gaming related hardware. It can feature product reviews, new product announcements, product comparisons, and just about anything else related to gaming hardware. This is not a product ad section and should not feature purchase links or discount offers.

Submissions can be about any relevant hardware based product from any country. Products do not have to be available for purchase worldwide. Articles should clarify any specific bias or conflict of interest. For example, products about XPG hardware written by XPG employees will always be specified as such within the article.


In order to protect our community from predatory practices, XPG GRIT administrators will handle sponsored content posts on a case-by-case basis. Writers are welcome to submit content about products from other brands, but we discourage any content that is officially sponsored. Please make sure to clarify any such affiliated content at the time of submission and within the article itself. Any content found to be breaking this rule will be removed immediately and without notice.


Please do not submit written content that has already been published on other sites or platforms. For the purposes of copyright, we do not intentionally publish any content that has already been published somewhere else. Any content found to be breaking this rule will be removed immediately and without notice.

*Content published on personal not for profit blogs is acceptable but will be considered on a case by case basis. Please state this clearly with links at the time of submission.


This is mostly about content management and is not meant to limit the type of content you want to create. We simply don’t have the manpower to accept all types and lengths of content so these guidelines have been created to streamline the process for the editorial team. Failure to follow these simple rules will result in your content being rejected for publishing.

  1. All content should be submitted in size 11 Calibri font.
  2. Page Length
    • Articles can be up to 2 pages single spaced.
    • Hardware reviews have no page limit but should be reasonable and relevant.
    • Submissions should be accompanied with at least one 1920x1080 px featured image for the cover.
    • Submissions can feature multiple images and embedded videos. All images should be 1920x1080 px resolution.
      • Video Links should always be from YouTube.
  4. No hate speech or unnecessarily vulgar language.
  5. No death threats or personal attacks against individuals.

*For the time being only English written submissions are being considered for publishing on XPG GRIT. This is due to resource limitations. We do hope to eventually allow content submissions in multiple other languages. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you would like to have one of your articles published on XPG GRIT, simply email a Microsoft Word document or PDF of the text (include a title), any pictures you want included in the post, and your XPG GRIT community user profile name to Please make sure to use Grit Community Writing Submission as the email subject line or your email will be deleted as SPAM. You should hear back from us within five business days.


XPG Terrence

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Ashwani kumar ,22 Sep, 2021

Writing for XPG GRIT blog is definitely a amazing opportunity..i will try to write in two categories Tips and Tricks, Fun and Games

Rom Divina ,23 Sep, 2021

Great way to help the Grit members! Id like to try and write some tips & tricks and some personal reviews about my XPG gears in the future. Thanks!

Abdellatif FERKA ZAZOU ,24 Sep, 2021

It's a great opportunity to write to the XPG

Gio Roca ,24 Sep, 2021

I like some tips & tricks on how to build a PC with XPG! That would be a nice touch to all the beginners who wants to build his/her first PC! I also love games too! I hope that we can all enjoy our time here on the XPG Grit Community platform!

Iurie Solomon ,26 Sep, 2021

thx for finally making it possible for publishing here in this forum some of our articles in which we add a bit of our taste.I will definitely write some articles on how to build a new gaming rig and some reviews about some hardware that i own and borrow

Paolo Castelli ,27 Sep, 2021

One UX question: i'm registrered, why i need to write my email and name again when i post on the blog? best
logo logo

XPG Terrence ,27 Sep, 2021

The short version is that the single sign on has a bug that makes it so some people can't login. So currently the commenting is separated from the login so that everyone can comment. We are working to fix this problem ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kwong Hui ,27 Sep, 2021

It's a great idea to encourage more gamers and hobbyists to engage with this community. Write to the Extreme.

Hrithik kashyap ,29 Sep, 2021

I definitely gonna write my favorite tips and trick for GRIT members and writing blog also help me, improving my writing skills

Anjhellie Kim Naguit Patricio ,30 Sep, 2021

I aspire to become a streamer, and to be able to write interesting contents that is related to gaming and up to date rigs is something that I wanted to share with my audience as well. ????

Chaudhary ,12 Jan, 2022

Yeah it's shape of gaming ????it's be amazed

Francisco Javier ,19 Dec, 2022

Hello, ist amazing to write to the XPG. I would like to built one new proyect wich hardware from Adata XPG!!

logo logo

XPG Terrence ,20 Dec, 2022

Hi Francisco, You would like to write a blog post for the XPG GRIT blog?