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Recently put our XPG Starker through their rigorous gauntlet of review tests and published a full review. If you like to read case reviews that go into serious detail, then this is the perfect read for you. You can read the full review here.

“While it is the smallest case offered by ADATA’s gaming division, XPG, there is still plenty of space for a multitude of components and various configurations. This is due to intelligently designed features and multipurpose plates included with the Starker.”

XPG Terrence

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Arif Atma Mahendra ,07 Sep, 2021

continued success XPG may be the best brand greetings from Indonesia Instagram: arif_atmaa

Arif Atma Mahendra ,07 Sep, 2021

tampilan sangat bagus dan mengesankan !

Gio Roca ,12 Sep, 2021

I like what I see! Lots of RGB and very nice aesthetic! Great job XPG!

Iulia Garaz ,16 Sep, 2021

The XPG STARKER has a many of the features that the nowadays market needs, it is aesthetically pleasing, bundled with ARGB lighting, and most importantly, you get a lot of customizations for its price.

Muchammad ,18 Sep, 2021

I plan to build PC gaming with a white theme. hmmm the white one look cool, XPG Starker can be good choice (y)