XPG GRIT Open Beta is now live!

A few months ago, XPG announced the XPG GRIT Esports training software. This free software uses the power of AI analysis to pinpoint a player’s strengths and weaknesses. Through targeted training regiments, players can take their skills to the next level. Currently XPG GRIT only provides training for FPS games but more genres will be made available in the future.

Since August, XPG GRIT has been in closed beta. A small group of competitive FPS players were given the chance to try out the early build of this revolutionary software. But today we are proud to announce that XPG GRIT has officially entered open beta! That means that right now, yes at this very second, you can go download the XPG GRIT Esports training software for free right now. AND YOU SHOULD!

XPG GRIT currently has four training modules with multiple customization options. You can use these training scenarios to work on perfecting or maintaining various skills. But the true benefit of XPG GRIT is the data driven analysis of your performance. As you play more, the AI will learn to better understand your habits and identify ways that you can improve. One should note that XPG GRIT is not, nor is it mean to be, an overnight fix to improve your gaming performance. It’s a digital Esports coaching tool that will help you improve over time by better informing you about where your weaknesses are and you can improve them. You still need to put in the work.

As this software is still in beta, we need your feedback to make it better. Please make sure to fill out the beta feedback survey once you’ve used the software for a while. Help us make this tool as great as it can be to better serve players that want to improve without the financial burdens of having to hire a professional Esports coach.


As this is XPG GRIT, you know there's gonna be prizes. But this isn't the monthly giveaway. It won't be as easy as leaving a comment. XPG GRIT Esports training software has leaderboards. And those who manage to reach the top can win fabulous prizes. To celebrate the launch of the XPG GRIT open beta, we are hosting the very first XPG GRIT leaderboard competition. From now until December 7th, use your skills to climb to the top of any of the four leaderboards. At the end of the month, the top two places on each of the leaderboards will win a Steam Key for Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals + all the DLC courtesy of Glowstick Entertainment.

You can download the XPG GRIT free Esports training software here.

Or just click the "Software" tab in the menu.


XPG Terrence

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Damien ,25 Nov, 2021

Hi XPG Terence, I've downloaded the software and tried to register my account, however it says Verification required. Should I look out for an email with which to confirm my account?

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XPG Terrence ,26 Nov, 2021

Hi Damien, Sorry for the late reply. Yes you should receive a verification email when you create an account. Also, you can use the same account login info for the GRIT community platform and the Training Software. Please let me know if you need any more help and remember you can email for direct help.

Damien ,26 Nov, 2021

Thanks, I'll retry now and if I get any more issues I'll send an email!


Juan ,01 Dec, 2021

Hi, i instaled the software and after imputing the account data it starts to load and won't change in hours, it just says "Loading Data". smh

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XPG Terrence ,02 Dec, 2021

Hi Juan, I'm not sure I fully understand. When you say change in hours, are you referring to the "time since last played" clock or the "total hours played clock"?

Juan ,03 Dec, 2021

I meant i let it run for hours in the "loading data" screen and never changed, i reinstaled, i cleaned registry, etc. Nothing worked.

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XPG Terrence ,03 Dec, 2021

Hi Juan, I have the following questions. 1. By "loading data" screen are you talking about the "Home" screen as in you are unable to reach the main menu? Or do you mean the player data in the "Statistics screen"? 2. Are you playing as Guest or did you create an account? If you did create an account, did you receive the account verification email? Also, please note that it would be much easier for us to assist you and more efficient to contact us via email and use screenshots or videos rather than in the blog comments section. If you would like to discuss this via email, please contact us as Sorry for the inconvenience.